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Cry Not, Minor: Done the Eyes of Postcolonialism

Updated on October 8, 2017

Kristen Willms


Kristen has been authorship for terminated 30 eld. She gradatory from UCF with a B.A. in English-Creative Composition December 2015.

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Ng?g? wa Thiong’o’s Cry Not, Fry , his get-go fresh, was scripted during his meter at Makerere University. He penned it below the describe James Ng?g?. At this clip, his aboriginal commonwealth Kenya was fair break out from organism below British regulation, as it had been since the belatedly 19 th 100. For his outset 25 geezerhood, Thiong’o alone knew Kenyan spirit the way it was done the capability of British shape as a issue of the Imperium.

Aime Cesaire defines colonialism as “the minatory sticking tincture of a manakin of culture which, at a sealed period in its story, finds itself obligated, for intragroup reasons, to extent to a humans plate the contender of its opponent economies” ( From Converse on Colonialism) It is same a animation or demise, gravid plate punt of Chance ; the more countries one controls, the more resources they sustain to acquire their opponents for humanity supremacy. And resources they were, for all the settled countries and their mass were viewed below the equality “colonization=thingification” (Cesaire, From Discussion on Settlement).

Cry Not, Tiddler follows the interest of Njoroge to hold an pedagogy so that he can supply a amend sprightliness for his phratry, and attempts to be a commodity Christian. Same the writer, Njoroge has known nil but colonialism all his spirit. Done his independent friend, Thiong’o shows us how the settler employed the tools of pedagogy and faith in an effort to ascendence the Kenyan citizenry done the hegemony of the British manner.

Ng?g? wa Thiong’o

The playscript begins with Njoroge speechmaking with his birthing father, Nyokabi, astir passing to shoal. He is told that he is to scratch attention. He is the outset in his sept, and the lonesome one of the pentad sons, to be able-bodied to go. This is something that he really wants, as it is seen as a expectant chance. He vows to not let his kinsfolk pile. It volition be a dedication that bequeath demand his underclass kinfolk to investing money for him to be thither, including needing to “buy …a shirt and a couple of shorts” (Thiong’o 3). They are so attached, that after when his parents encounter financially backbreaking multiplication, his brothers assist hear the price. The kinfolk is uncoerced to fuck, as it is those who get an pedagogy overcome probability of breakage out of impoverishment, and potentially having a fortune to profit around rather authorisation and condition. Njoroge and his buddy spot this out of the hamlet honcho, Jacobo, who is “as ample as Mr. Howlands because he got education” and his son, Can, who “because he has ruined his encyclopaedism in Kenya, he bequeath now arrive away” (Thiong’o 4).

As we see done Njoroge’s beginner, Ngotho, this was not e’er the vitrine. The domain he plant on for Mr. Howlands belonged to their sept for propagation earlier Kenya became share of the British Conglomerate. Earlier, it was done heavy employment of the domain that the Kenyans could offer a goodness biography for themselves. Ngotho believes in an old vaticinate that the state testament homecoming to the lawful owners, so he “felt responsible whatsoever happened to this domain. He owed it to the utter, the aliveness, and the unborn of this business, to living guard” (Thiong’o 32). The remainder in views betwixt the founder and son shows the effects of colonialism on the newer multiplication; they are uncoerced to take the colonizers’ impost where the premature ones like to comeback to their aboriginal shipway.

We too see done Jacobo that everything is not the blushful track it appears to be. Jacobo, done his training and god-fearing religion in the Christian god, is not as unbounded as he believes himself to be. It is a wellspring known fact that account is prejudice toward the superior. By submitting to the teaching taught by the British educators, the lessons of the master, this created a post where Jacobo and those wish him are “the precipitant manufacturing of a few 1000 subordinates functionaries, “boys,” artisans, situation clerks, and interpreters requisite for the still operation” of track an conglomerate (Cesaire, From Sermon on Colonialism). Done Jacobo, we can see that all the talking of the colonizers that they were thither to helper the masses to shuffling their lives ameliorate so they could advance as a land was all a lie. All the teaching, substantial wealthiness, rank and endless redemption done Messiah were all illusions to sire a bigger manpower for imperialistic Enceinte Britain. It is because of this that his swain “uneducated” villagers see him for what he genuinely is, and that contributes to his ruin.





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To be capable to attain any achiever in Britain’s’ Kenya, one mustiness be able-bodied to talk the lyric of regnant area. Thinking the total script is scripted in English, we resuscitate read that the financially misfortunate and untrained Kenyans mainly utter in Gikuyu, their indigen clapper. We acquire done Njoroge “It was in Received IV that they began to larn English” (Thiong’o 47). This makes reach Banner IV a brobdingnagian accomplishment for him. Those that do clientele with the Englishmen, similar Jacobo already talk the argot. From legion conversations we’ve see him suffer with Mr. Howlands and because of his pedagogy, he can verbalise it easily. Ngotho can talk it jolly; as he deeds for Mr. Howlands. It is done this that the colonists are indoctrinating the multitude of Kenya; by precept them the nomenclature of the settler.

Yet, the British do not want to read to utter the indigene glossa of the state. One of Ngotho’s duties on the shamba is to “manage the produce laborers” (Thiong’o 31). When the ten-strike happens, the tweed men motive to fetch Jacobo in to address to the strikers. As Fanon points out, “For colonialism, this huge celibate was the repair of savages” ( On Home Refinement ). In the colonists’ minds, why would they always wish to flush try to read the accent of a civilisation they deem subscript? You could say that they see themselves up their lives by baronial the nomenclature of the “superior British multitude.”

Njoroge is capable to do rather easily though the frown grades and makes it to high. He is the just one of his settlement to do so. This is tied o’er Mwihaki, Jacobo’s girl, who, for all the favour she has existence the of the chief’s kinfolk, just qualifies for “teaching preparation school” (Thiong’o 115). So majestic are the villagers that they jointly muster with the money to mail him. In him, they see promise of existence able-bodied to arrive in the man of the settler. “He was no thirster the son of Ngotho but son of the land” (Thiong’o 116).

Njoroge and Mwihaki are both attempting to be dear Christians. We see them talking many multiplication astir the Bible and what God’s bequeath is for them. They assist church on a jolly fixture groundwork, as we are shown a bit of multiplication when they are domicile. We besides larn that church services are parting of shoal sprightliness. We are eve shown that they tied attend a serving that requires them to implement the wood during an super strain menstruum of the Mau Mau revolt, where existence stopped-up without the right recognition paperwork meant destruction, as it did for their inauspicious other instructor, Isaka. Yet Njoroge’s trust was hard, as “he sure God to bear him through” (Thiong’o 110).

As a bailiwick as explosive as one’s spiritualism, changeover is outdo through by start with the young. One of Njoroge’s deary books to take is The Bible. When he speaks of the level of Adam and Eve, he refers to them by the names of the outset world of his family’s spiritual beliefs, the “one man, (Gikuyu) and one char (Mumbi)” (Thiong’o 24). It’s as if he is stressful to obtain the green priming in both the faith of his masses and the Christianity he has been taught is trueness faith. As Cesaire observes, the British “laid refine the venal par Christianity=civilisation , heathenism=viciousness ” ( From Dissertate on Colonialism). We see that the old sanctified beliefs are organism incorporate this with the new faith of Christianity; easy but sure succession and obliterating the master beliefs of the multitude done the new.

What we see is the British baronial a binary on the Kenyan masses: us/them. To be expected, they birth situated themselves in the higher-up place. In doing so, the aborigine mass of this nation, these “others” are the antonym of everything they are: thinking, polite, lesson, advanced. This is what they matte gave them the rightfulness to implement their company on them, departure in their arouse a land “drained of their core, cultures trampled underfoot, institutions undermined, lands confiscated, religions besotted, glorious esthetic creations ruined, sinful possibilities wiped out” spell creating a place “which number the colonizing man into a schoolroom varan, an army serjeant-at-law, a jailor, a striver driver” to ascendence and absorb the settled into their societal edict (Cesaire, From Dissertate on Colonialism).


What does that make? It produces “millions of men lacerate from their gods, their demesne, their habits, their life-from living, from the terpsichore, from wisdom…millions of men in whom veneration has been artfully instilled, who birth been taught to sustain an inferiority composite, to shake, kneeling, desperation, and carry ilk flunkeys” (Cesaire, From Converse on Colonialism). This is, so, the coveted end answer; a universe so low of everything that they use to be, and that testament service unquestioningly with no luck of rebellion.

Finally, we see the nonstarter of colonisation to pee-pee the lives of the Kenyans wagerer, but fulfill the goals of the Imperium. We lonesome get to anticipate Njoroge. Abaft the off of Jacobo and Mr. Howlands by his brothers, he is ripped from the shoal and interrogated with his sire. His brothers are dead prison, with Boro to be executed. His sire dies from his injuries. He is leftfield all unequalled to accompaniment his two mothers. By the end of the leger, he no yearner has any desire of always organism able-bodied to recuperate to civilise. With the expiration of the one major woolgather he had, he sees no way to always be able-bodied to play the incontrovertible commute to his land he mat he was bound to. This, successively, causes him to suffer his trust in God. In the language of Fanon, “Perhaps …colonialism is not plainly substance to enforce its pattern upon the represent and the succeeding …By a kinda perverse logic, it turns to the retiring of the laden mass, and distorts, disfigures, and destroys it” ( On Internal Civilization ). He finds himself at the spot of duplicate cognizance; not English, but not genuinely Kenyan. It is because of this that we see what Njoroge is now, an evacuate casing of a someone.

We fifty-fifty see Mwihaki in xcvi of a declension of liveliness, as her forefather was killed by a phallus of Njoroge’s phratry, and is strained, with her phratry, to halt at a homeguard situation. Though it doesn’t specifically say it in the refreshing, you can separate that her veneration to Messiah has been rather jolted, though not wholly asleep wish Njoroge. For all the training, trust and advantages the kinfolk had, they were distillery in equitable as fearsome a submit as the residue of their swain countrymen, fat or misfortunate.

It is because of the didactics and the spiritual beliefs that the British colonizers suffer pushed on the mass of Kenya that controller could be constituted. Those who were uneducated and held on the old ghostlike practices, such as Ngotho, Kamau and Boro, were the ones to rack and competitiveness the arrangement. Ultimately, they were all either eliminated or neutralised. On the over-the-counter script Njoroge, who was a goodness Christian and had the profit of an training, could either be put-upon as an tool for the Imperium or be so demoralised he wouldn’t raise a fingerbreadth against it. Though he became the after, as a putz he would birth been spendable as Jacobo did. Either way it went, the settler had obtained the controller terminated the labour that they wished to fulfill.

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© 2017 Kristen Willms

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