Irish Free State Agreement Act 1922

I cannot dispute the testimony of the noble Viscount, but I did not hear it at the time. If your gentlemen want to take responsibility for leaving this open, you can do it, but I can only say what I know about the North of Ireland and what I know about the South and the West – which I probably know better than I do the North – take an extremely dangerous route, and a path that will last for months and months. , to prevent any improvement at the border. Gentlemen, I would like to point out to the noble visceur before replying that, although my noble friend raised this issue with a clear moderation in a speech, I do not believe that the government knows how strong the feeling is behind the action it must take. I cannot decide whether this amendment, if adopted, would run counter to the Treaty Almost all in the South of Ireland have avoided voting on what it would do, because of the particular position taken by the Government, but my noble friend has certainly not overestimated the nature of this feeling in the south of Ireland with regard to all the promises we have made to the government. Protecting our interests. And while I call and fully trust the statements made on behalf of the provisional government, and while I have every reason to hope that they will meet their individual obligations with respect to the interests of all classes in the South, I believe that the government must, here and now, see in this bill that the interim government is responsible in advance and not in two chambers. but to the one that is formed there, is to give all the people of Ireland an allusion that unicameral legislation is the natural order of things. 1454 I must say something about the limits that have aroused so much interest. In his speech yesterday – I have nothing to complain about – the colonial secretary had the grace to admit implicitly, if not concretely, that there has been a breach of trust in this matter. The government`s continuing apology – they were certainly put forward by the Prime Minister – is that this breach of faith was inevitable, because if they had kept Sir James Craig`s faith, they would have lost the treaty.

I do not think they lost the contract. If the contract was so precarious that his signature depended on his obtaining on a specific date, without the possibility of waiting for Sir James Craig, then the contract is worthless. But it is certainly a new lesson for honourable men to weigh the consequences of speech.


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