Nato Status Of Forces Agreement 1951

In a November 26, 2007 press release on the declaration, General Douglas Lute, Presidential Assistant for Iraq and Afghanistan, stated that the government did not foresee a forward-looking agreement with Iraq „which has the status of a formal treaty that would then lead us to formal negotiations or formal contributions from Congress.“ Office of White House Spokesman, Press Gaggle of Dana Perino and General Douglas Lute, Presidential Assistant for Iraq and Afghanistan, November 26, 2007, available from 1951: Appendix on the status of personnel and property of the United States It is important to note that this SOFA fully respects the principle of territorial sovereignty which requires a receiving state to give its consent to the entry of foreign forces. Neither the SOFA PFP nor NATO SOFA deal with the issue of the presence of the force itself – which would be defined by separate agreements. Therefore, the affected CAASS are only applicable when states have agreed to deploy or receive armed forces. The political issue of SOFA is complicated by the fact that many host countries have mixed feelings about foreign bases on their soil and that SOFA renegotiation requests are often linked to calls for a total withdrawal of foreign troops. Issues of different national practices may arise – while the United States and host countries in general agree on what constitutes a crime, many American observers believe that the host country`s judicial systems offer much lower protection than the United States and that the host country`s courts may be under pressure from the public to be found guilty; In addition, U.S. service members who are invited to send shipments abroad should not be forced to waive their rights under the Rights Act. On the other hand, observers of the host country who do not have a local equivalent of the law of rights often feel that these are irrelevant excuses for special treatment and resemble the extraterritorial agreements demanded by Western countries during colonialism. A host country where such sentiment is widespread, South Korea, itself has forces in Kyrgyzstan and has negotiated a SOFA that gives its members total immunity from prosecution by the Kyrgyz authorities for any crime, which goes far beyond the privileges that many South Koreans enter into their country`s couch with the United States. [11] Therefore, as soon as there is a common agreement,. B for example with regard to a given operation, training or exercise, the same provisions will apply on the basis of reciprocity.


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