Please Find Enclosed Agreement

Please find last year`s attached account extract, please check in regards to the above, S.O. No. 023 is joined by Mukim Traders. Please send the material according to the S.Os. Tomorrow. I would like to pass on the communication by e-mail to students through the educational credit. Please note if the following words are correct: Dear students, the bank xxxx wishes to offer a loan to education to students. You can find here under an email received from xxxBank. Students who wish to take advantage of an education loan can contact the Bank directly.

Details can be found in the attached sheet. Please let us know. Another brief remark: „Please“ is very important in business correspondence and every correspondence with someone you don`t know well, and it communicates your polite attitude and you show that you are friendly. „Closed please find“ is not even a standard, it`s also much more polite than „are included… ». In my country, Bhutan, people from all walks of life still use this old-fashioned phrase, „Please find yourself,“ in an e-mail. I tried to correct some of my friend`s emails and say that there are many better phrases to replace these old ones, but without success. Even our ministers, secretaries and university professors use this old-time phrase. It seems I`m the only one who doesn`t use that sentence. How can I convince them that this is literally wrong? But I received a complaint that the judgment is disrespectful to the recipient of the mail… how to put „respect“ in the sentence. Please help me Words that are attached or that look like this as if it were a separate clause, perhaps: Hello, is there any chance that any of the above phrases „the“ is missing? The sentence: Please find the attached file for your reference type thanks in advance for your feedback. With friendly greetings, Anna „Please see attached… „Be closed… It`s perfect.

In addition, you must include them in business correspondence. That is a very interesting contribution. I took business English courses led by a native American speaker, who is also a very experienced journalist who writes for Bloomberg. What she said was something else. While accepting that there are other more recent forms, she said that „Please find closed/attached“ is still often used in the business world. We studied business english with books like „Intelligent Business“ or „Market Leader“ and this expression is still taught there. In addition, I work for Citibank and I get a lot of emails written by Americans or Brits, and they always use those phrases in their correspondence. And they`re pretty young people… So I don`t know what to say, because you say they are obsolete forms, when my American and British colleagues and their bosses prove otherwise! I`m confused! Here you will find my 3 years of university, esl, TESOL certificates and a video.


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