Brazil Us Military Agreement

The bilateral treaty will reduce the „bureaucratic processes“ of selling military equipment for both countries, Brazil`s defense ministry said. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The government of Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday (March 8th) signed an unprecedented military agreement with the United States to expand Brazil`s access to the U.S. defense market, the largest in the world. The research, development, testing and evaluation agreement signed Sunday in Miami „will pave the way for both governments to develop future joint projects that meet the mutual interest of the parties and cover the possibility of improving or providing new military capabilities,“ the ministry said in a statement. It is also an opening market for Brazilian military products and facilitate the sale of the South American country to NATO member countries. The bilateral agreement „reduces bureaucratic processes“ in the sale of military equipment between the two countries, opens the U.S. market to Brazilian military products and „could facilitate access of Brazilian products to NATO member countries.“ The statement adds that the agreement „does not prevent the parties from concluding another agreement on research, development, testing and evaluation.“ The United States was prepared to take all necessary measures to support the military coup to prevent Brazil from becoming a communist nation. [4] President Johnson said, „I think we should do all the steps we can, be prepared to do whatever we need to do.“ [4] to prevent Brazil from becoming a communist country. [4] The president of Brazil, the president of Brazil, supported the unions, wanted to limit Brazil`s international trade profits and also start trading with communist countries. [4] The military coup was finally to prevail and lead to a military dictatorship of twenty years. [4] Brazil`s President, Jair Bolsonaro, visited Us Southern Command on Sunday, where he signed a defense agreement with the United States, allowing the joint development of military capabilities, officials said.

1. Provide military assistance. Congress applied for 51,695,750 $US or the total amount approved by the Mutual Security Act of 1952 to carry out the military assistance program to Latin American countries during the 1953 fiscal year. In addition, Congress authorized that the unreserved balance of funds for fiscal year 1952, which amounted to $38,150,000, could be spent in fiscal 1953. The total amount, $89,835,750, [page 133] is $10,165,250 less than the amount originally planned for the biennial program. There are plans to include sufficient flexibility in the programme, at least until the end of the current calendar year, to negotiate a military aid agreement with Venezuela and possibly with Mexico and Argentina, in case it is possible or desirable to include these countries in the aid programme. At Venezuela`s request, defense talks between U.S. and Venezuelan military officials were suspended without agreement on the nature and quantity of U.S. forces.


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