Mnu Collective Agreement Vacation

The President of Local 5 acts as the Local`s representative on the Provincial Collective Bargain Committee (PCBC) and negotiates any new collective agreement on behalf of the 5 local members. Q: I am a part-time nurse who always takes extra positions on my 0.6 EFT. Why don`t I get extra hours off for the extra jobs I`ve worked? A: Overtime earned under your efA entitlement is considered to be earned leave allowance, not hours of time off. The extra money earned is divided equally over your vacation weeks earned. More information on planning holiday procedures can be found at the MNU Boards next to Sal`s Dialysis. This holiday bonus week can be scheduled at any time during the holiday year in which it is awarded. It doesn`t need to be taken based on your birthday. However, if you are on leave during the holiday year during which your bonus week will take place, you will not receive it and it will not be postponed to the next holiday year. A collective agreement is a written and binding contract between the Union and the employer, which sets out the terms of employment.

The Manitoba Nurses Union is constantly sought to improve working conditions, wages and benefits through the negotiation of new collective agreements. In accordance with section 2109 of the UNM collective agreement, leave authorization lists must be published by March 1 of each year and reflect the right of each nurse to leave on April 30 of this year (data vary by institution). The bonus week off must also be included in your entitlement to leave. This week`s holiday bonus doesn`t need to be won. Even if you had an unpaid leave of absence the previous year, you are still entitled to that week off. For part-time nurses, the payment of this week of bonus leave is determined based on the highest amount of your EFT or the amount of leave pay calculated under section 3404. Team managers/care resource coordinators are responsible for ensuring that these vacation planning procedures are implemented on time in their respective offices and that discharge is provided for all nurses covered by the MNU collective agreement under these procedures. The nurse may choose to take only weeks of fully paid leave. The nurse should not be required to take unpaid leave to go out for the duration of the leave.

Unpaid leave is reserved at the same time as paid leave and is granted on the basis of seniority. However, once you have applied for unpaid leave and it is approved, it is not possible to cancel it later and work instead. The image under the image does not reflect the current collective agreement. Nurses who use the mobility provisions to change employers can have their holiday bank with them or receive a payment. If a nurse chooses to have her leave bank paid at the time of the transfer, she can continue to pay weeks of unpaid leave at her new place of work. For example, a nurse who is on leave without pay for six months during the year of leave is entitled to all leave limits. If the nurse is granted four weeks of leave, she is entitled to two weeks of paid leave and two weeks of unpaid leave.


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