Why Was The Safe Third Country Agreement Created

Ahmed Hussen, speaking as Canada`s minister at IRCC, said the terms of the Safe Third Country Agreement remained respected. The ruling Liberal Party of Canada has not communicated any plan or intention to suspend the agreement. [21] Finally, the ECRE report looks at the concept of the agreement, which prevents „asylum shopping“ because it would deprive the applicant of choice and only one country could examine an application. The idea of withdrawing the asylum seeker`s choice violates the findings of UNHCR`s Executive Committee, which „make it clear that the asylum seeker`s intentions in relation to the country in which he or she wishes to seek asylum must be taken into account to the extent possible“. Furthermore, the Executive Committee notes that asylum „should not be refused on the sole ground that it could be requested by another State“. Under the agreement, refugee claimants are required to apply for refugee protection in the first safe country they arrive in, unless they are entitled to an exemption from the agreement. The 10 articles that make up the draft agreement define the terms and parameters of the persons to whom the agreement applies and identify the exceptions that can be the subject of a claim in the host country, such as.B. persons who have a family member with an established status or unwarried minors. The agreement regulates the treatment of persons in transit and gives each country the discretion to consider any claim it wishes if it is deemed to be in the public interest. Panama.

U.S. officials are also interested in reaching an agreement with Panama that will transit thousands of asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean as they attempt to reach the United States. The U.S. NGO Refugees International recently sent a letter to the State Department`s Office of Legal Counsel calling on the ministry to stop negotiating a „safe third country“ agreement with Guatemala. The letter cited the Guatemalan government`s „lack of capacity to provide even minimal services or security to returned asylum seekers who would likely find themselves in highly vulnerable situations for an extended period of time.“ Guatemala.. .


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