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txtr runners go the full distance

Being well prepared by competing in the events leading up to this years full Marathon relay (Berliner Marathon Staffel) the txtr runners this time took on the full 42.195 km. With Stephan „chickening out“ by joining the „old men and pregnant women team“ the txtr runners welcomed 3 new running prodigies in the form of Rory, Daisy […]

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txtr runners strike again at B2RUN Berlin

After the great success at the 5x5km Team-Staffel in june even more txtrs joined the txtr running team in order to compete at the 6 km B2RUN around Berlin Olympiastadion finishing inside the historical arena. Joining  the „experienced“ runners Antonella, Javier, Yvan and Stephan were Hannah, Michael „the rookie“ Decker and our „Last Minute Men“ […]

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txtr runners with great performances at Team-Staffel

Just like last year the txtr team took part in the 5×5 km team relay in the Tiergarten Berlin. But unlike last year no one had to run the course twice. Thanks to the terrific job of the support team (Patrick and Michael) the Athletes were able to concentrate fully on the run. As a result […]

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