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Hudson Nabaztag Plugin improvements

Yesterday Eric added some improvements to our famous hudson plugin. Changelog: Release 1.5 (February 22, 2009) Fix bug: All Text-To-Speach messages are now editables and supports accentuation. Fix bug: double notification when a build was recovering success. Use a checkbox for the „Report On Success“ parameter. Hide non mandatory parameters in an „Advanced…“ section. Text-To-Speach […]

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Hudson Nabaztag Plugin updated

There’s a new version of the hudson nabaztag plugin. I have added a switch that allows you to toggle whether the plugin will sent a notification to your Nabaztag bunny on every successful build or not. Beeing notified on every build was very annoying for some co-workers :) Per default the plugin will now report […]

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Hudson Nabaztag Publisher Plugin

Schon seit Wochen „spricht“ unser Hase nicht mehr mit uns – Was heißt das ? Unser Nabaztag WLAN-Hase hat bei uns unter Anderem die Aufgabe uns über den Verlauf unserer Continuous Integration Builds auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Bisher hat er immer den Status der Hudson Builds vorgelesen. Der Status wurde via E-Mail an den […]

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