txtr runners strike again at B2RUN Berlin


After the great success at the 5x5km Team-Staffel in june even more txtrs joined the txtr running team in order to compete at the 6 km B2RUN around Berlin Olympiastadion finishing inside the historical arena.

Joining  the „experienced“ runners Antonella, Javier, Yvan and Stephan were Hannah, Michael „the rookie“ Decker and our „Last Minute Men“ Kristoffer and Christian.


The txtr runners finished a good 53. in the mens category and115.  in the mixed category.

It was once again a great team experience! Thank you all for the nice evening.

Well run! So whats next ?


Just for numbers – the complete results:


21. Stephan Noske Txtr GmbH 00:19:37
139. Christian Müller Txtr GmbH 00:21:49
528. Javier Gómez Txtr GmbH 00:24:00
870. Michael Decker Txtr GmbH 00:25:08
1355. Yvan Go Txtr GmbH 00:26:36
3260. Kristoffer Nyseth Txtr GmbH 00:32:01
689. Hannah Russell Txtr GmbH 00:32:01
892. Antonella Zagaria Txtr GmbH 00:33:18


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