txtr runners go the full distance


Being well prepared by competing in the events leading up to this years full Marathon relay (Berliner Marathon Staffel) the txtr runners this time took on the full 42.195 km. With Stephan „chickening out“ by joining the „old men and pregnant women team“ the txtr runners welcomed 3 new running prodigies in the form of Rory, Daisy and Pache. Antonella being the most experienced runner was joined by Uwe replacement an ex-txtr Christian.

All in all : an excellent team !






As the marathon distance was split into different parts from 12km – 5 km nearly every txtr runner managed to come home with a personal best for the distance they ran.

It's Movember, baby !

It's Movember, baby !

Very nice performances !!


In the end the txtr runners completed the 42,195 km Marathon in 3:22:10 as 287 place out of over 1000 teams.

There are more fast runs to come in the future – thats for sure!

Run on !


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  1. pache
    19. November 2012 at 16:06 #

    Awesome movember picture stephan !

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