I want to run, but … – TOP-3 tips to get your runs in


I hear it over and over and over again: „Yeah .. I really want to run but …„.

But…“ – Yeah, there’s always a but(t).

Just recently I (once again) registered 2 teams for the annual „Wasserbetriebe 5 x 5 km TEAM-Staffel

A lot of my colleagues already run and / or are preparing to a half or full marathon or the team-relay. This makes it easier for us to „get out an do it“.

Thanks to the support of my employer and due to the very good infrastructure around the office (I can actually look into the altitude chamber across the road!) it is possible for us to go for a run in the lunch break, have a shower and grab a quick lunch at the desk.

But even with the most perfect circumstances it will be difficult to actually get out the door and „do it„.

Here are my TOP-3 tips for „Running when you want to„:

1. Be organized

Get your logistics right!  Make sure you have your gear on place! Have a 2nd pair of shoes in the office.
Have a copy of your running gear at the office – shorts / shirt – in best case one set for warm and one set for cole weather.
Yes, you might have to get a second set of shorts / shirts and shoes, but this enables you to run and eliminates the case of
Trunbeutel vergessen“ as we say in German. Meaning: „I forgot my stuff, can’t run – sorry„.

And please : no not leave you sweaty pants to dry at your desk :) Have them try outside – your co-workers will appreciate this.

Leave the odour outside please

Leave the odour outside please

Also make sure you have a towel – which is actually a good thing to have on any day, right ? :)

If you do not have a shower – you can still rinse off the sweat in the sink at the toilet.

Have your „lunch“ ready!
Running during the lunch break you of course miss lunch on that day. Make sure you have „your lunch“ prepared for that day.
This may mean bringing lunch from home on that day, or buying it the days before and putting it in the frigde.

Make sure to "carb the fuck up"

Make sure to „carb the fuck up“

This is also important in order to refuel after the run!

No „dead time

If you are short in time in general – as most of us are, make sure to have as little „dead time“ as possible during the day.
Commuting a classic case of „dead time“. If you have the possibility to do so: use the „edges“ and run to/from work. Depending on the distance, of course, this may only add a couple of minutes to your overall commute-time but will not only give you the run but also sets you up right for the day!

This is of course not always doable, but if you can do it: „do it!

2. Have a „partner in crime“

Running is more fun if your not alone, plus if your co-workers go out an run during the „lunch break“ it’s harder not to join, right :)
You will see, this adds a whole new dynamic to the game – all of a sudden it becomes „normal“ to „run on tuesday„.
After a while more and more colleagues will join.

Add „gamefication“ to your runs.
Everyone loves leaderboards – set up a Strava-Club and compare yourself to your co-workers adding yet another „dynamic“ to the runs :)

3. Keep it „short“

You might be trained but doing a half-marathon during the lunch break just takes too much time and chances are high that not all of your colleagues are as fit as you are.
I recommend something between 5 and 10 km or 30 – 50 min. You may want to add some speedwork if you are a more experienced runner. Get the most out of your lunch-run-break by doing 4 to 6 time 500m intervals. Or 3 x 1000m.  „Short and hard“ – the way you like it :)

I know that it not always possible to run every time you want to, but I hope these tips help you run more often.





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